Pro Bono Counseling

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We are currently offering Pro Bono Counseling for a limited number of clients!

 AdIn an effort to be more philanthropic and increase community involvement Volition Counseling is offering a limited number of Pro Bono (free) counseling services to the community!

About Our Pro Bono Services

Pro Bono counseling is a free service available to adults who are unemployed, uninsured, underinsured, or unable to afford traditional counseling services. This may include individuals and couples that are struggling with situations such as unemployment, life changes, depression, anxiety, grief, or marital issues. We will provide short term counseling (6 sessions or less) at no cost to the recipient. Your sessions will be provided by Master’s Level students, Licensed Professional Counselor Interns, or Marriage and Family Therapy Associates supervised by Dr. Megan R. Pickens, LPC-S. (Dr. Megan R. Pickens, LPC-S provides a limited number of Pro Bono services as well, but availability is limited.)

DISCLAIMER: All Pro Bono sessions will be recorded via video and/or audio. This is done to improve the quality of service provided by reviewing and evaluating counseling techniques. Please note that viewers of the session may include the counselor’s supervisor, professor, and/or school peers.

Pro Bono Services Eligibility Criteria (all are not required)*

  • Adults 18 or Older
  • Underinsured or Underemployed
  • Unable to afford traditional counseling services
  • Commitment to prompt attendance
  • Openness to audio/videotaping due to the likelihood of sessions being completed by students
  • Commitment to fully participate in therapeutic interventions and homework

Due to the availability and training levels of our counselors providing these services at Volition Counseling, there’s a possibility that some clients will not appropriate for our Pro Bono services. Additionally, we only allow a certain number of pro bono clients per quarter.

You are not eligible for Pro Bono counseling services at the Volition Collective if…

  • Under the age of 18 (including emancipated minors)
  • Any court, legal involvement, or any other related issues (probation, parole, deferred adjudication)
  • Child protective services involvement
  • Couples in or moving towards divorce proceedings
  • Those with current and active child custody cases
  • Those assigned with court-ordered services and/or related appearances
  • Struggling with drugs or alcohol as the primary issue
  • Suffering from chronic mental illness
  • Any issue outside of the therapeutic competency of our counseling staff

All-Pro Bono clients are pre-screened for appropriateness. If at any point an individual or couple is determined to need more intensive services than our counselors can offer, they will be referred out to be linked to the appropriate services.

Your sessions begin when you schedule your first counseling session. If you cancel or do not show up for your first appointment, your voucher is no longer redeemable and you are no longer eligible for pro bono services. If at any point you fail to cancel within the 24 hour cancellation time period, show up late, or are a “no-show” for your appointment your voucher will be canceled. You can continue counseling sessions with Volition Counseling, but you have to pay the fee appropriate for your type of counseling. Fees will vary based upon the qualifications of the counselor and style of counseling (individual, couple, or family counseling). Options for pro bono are (1) 6 consecutive weeks (2) 6 Bi-weekly appointments not to exceed 3 months. Only 1 voucher can be redeemed per person/couple with Volition Counseling.

Would you to schedule a Pro Bono Session?

If you are interested, please contact us at 817-617-2638.