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About Couple Counseling

Our belief is that a family is a system, therefore, no one person can be the cause of trouble in the system.  We also feel that understanding you means understanding your family makeup, your cultural heritage and the roles you employ in your current relationships. We help family members improve understanding.

We assist couples in becoming whole individuals, exploring differences and challenges in their future marriages, if there is to be one. Most any relationship will experience challenges of some kind. If these issues are handled properly and explored prior to marriage, we hope to lessen the chances of separation or divorce in the future. Our couples work will consist of supporting healthy ways to communicate, deepen understanding and flourish in your relationship.

About Marriage Counseling

Maybe you’re not communicating the way you’d like to. Perhaps you’ve tried talking, getting angry, or waiting for things to work themselves out. Maybe there was a time when you and your spouse could talk about anything. You laughed and cried together, shared your hopes and dreams. But somehow that changed, and now it’s lonely. You might be wondering if marriage counseling can help.

You might even be thinking about separation or divorce.

Maybe you disagree with your spouse about parenting, family, sexual connection, infidelity, or just plain communication. But deep down you want warmth and connection. You long to feel closeness and comfort. You want to trust your spouse, feel appreciated, and know that you’re there for each other. You want to feel a love that lasts.

Even the best relationships go through rough spots. They’re normal. You don’t have to get a divorce. If you’ve tried to get through them on your own and you’re not getting anywhere, marriage counseling can help. We can show you how to use those rough spots to make your relationship stronger. We have helped many single, married, and engaged clients rebuild trust, feel new energy and passion, and make choices from their heart.

Relationships can be repaired. It is possible to regain trust, find new passion, and love marriage again. Like everything worthwhile, it takes some effort. But the rewards are great: a relationship where you feel cared for, appreciated, and close.

Good marriages don’t happen by accident. Marriage requires an understanding of yourself, your future spouse, the dynamics of marriage development, and the tools and skills you need to make it work. Even if you were blessed to have parents or other family members who have a strong marriage, you still can benefit from learning the specific skills and information that are necessary to make your marriage a success. If you didn’t have good marital role models it is extremely unlikely that you learned the keys to marital success somewhere else.

About Premarital Counseling

There are a lot of reasons why a couple pursues premarital counseling. Whatever your reason for pursuing premarital counseling, let us commend you! It seems interesting that in our culture, it takes more training and preparation to get a drivers license than it does to get a marriage license. In fact, as you celebrate your engagement you have probably already spent more time and money on your engagement and preparing for your wedding, than you will preparing for your marriage.

We will cover an introduction to the origins of marriage, roles and responsibilities, communication and conflict resolution, sexual intimacy and building a life long learning posture. In addition, we would like for you to complete the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (price varies), and the Prepare-Enrich, premarital inventory ($35 per couple). We anticipate a minimum of 6 sessions with a couple, sometimes more to deal with more serious issues. In addition to the sessions we will ask couple to purchase and read 2-3 books and work on “out-of-session” assignments to enhance the work done when we meet together. We are a Twogether in Texas provide. Couples who complete our premarital education classes will receive a certificate of completion allowing them to receive $60 off the price of their marriage application fee and a waiver for the 72-hour waiting period.

Premarital Counseling Services believes that marriage is a vital ingredient to a satisfying life well lived. It should be a lifelong journey of love, respect, support, nurturing and transformation. In fact, those with successful marriages are much happier, healthier, have secure, successful children, and even do better in their jobs and careers.

Premarital Counseling services exist to make your marriage the journey of a lifetime and to give you the skills and information you need to make this happen.

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