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About Our Services

Volition Collective Counseling (formerly Family First Counseling) has worked with the Childcare Group (CCG) since 2017. As a part of our support for CCG, we provide mental health consultancy and counseling services to staff and associates. Additionally, we extend our counseling support to the parents and students of CCG.

Our group consists of counselors specializing in various topics such as behavioral issues, stress, anxiety, and depression. We also offer face-to-face and online (telehealth) sessions to suit your preference! Bilingual counselors are also available.

We want to continue contributing to our partnership with the Childcare Group to assist the Dallas and Greater Dallas community with their mental health needs!

If you have been referred or approved by CCG for counseling and would like to schedule an appointment with us, please schedule a session with us online or via phone by contacting 817-617-2638.

Note on CCG Pre-Process for Minors (18 and Younger)

For anyone scheduling a minor, please make sure you’ve following completed the following steps before scheduling services with us:

  1. Center staff must contact the assigned inclusion specialist (must follow the behavior referral process).
    The inclusion Specialist will email the assigned Mental Health Consultant (copying Denisha) with behavior information on the child.
  2. The inclusion Specialist will coordinate with Mental Health Consultant for a staffing meeting (parent-staff meeting).
    The mental health consultant assigned to your CCG center will attend this staffing meeting.
  3. During the staffing, the Mental Health Consultant will provide feedback and resource suggestions for behaviors of concern (for the classroom and home).
  4. After review, if the consultant and CCG staff find that a child would benefit from either individual or family counseling, the parent can move forward with setting up a parent consultation with a counselor from the Volition Collective.

About Scheduling Minors: Information on Parent Consultations 

After completing the pre-process, you must schedule a parent consultation!

Our policy for minors requires you to complete a parent consultation before you schedule a session and complete an intake form.

The Parent Consultation process consists of:

  1. Schedule a Parent consultation with the parents and guardians of the child(ren).
  2. Parents and guardians attend the parent consultation. 
  3. Followed by a 48 – 72 hour review process with the Clinical Director to assess fit.
  4. Lastly, we contact the parents and guardians to update them on the result of our review process.
  5. Furthermore, there are two possible outcomes for our assessment of fit.
    1. If we conclude that our agency is suitable for your minor, we will move forward with scheduling a session for your child(ren).
    2. If we determine that we aren’t the most suitable option for your child(ren), we will refer you to a provider that may be more appropriate.
Additional information and guidelines that are required to follow are…
  • Parent consultations are to gather and provide general information. There is no professional client-counselor relationship nor any other relationship, confidential or otherwise, established with a parent consultation.
  • ALL parents (biological, step, grandparents, guardians, etc.) involved in parenting the child(ren) will attend the parent consultation despite the parental relationship unless there is a documented order of protection in place.
  • A copy of any child custody agreements, divorce decrees, or other court-related documents related to your child will be provided by the parents during the consultation.
  • The parent consultation form and statement of understanding must be completed by each person during the consultation.
  • Any person who schedules an intake (first-time) session or completes intake forms for a minor before the completed process of parent consultation, will result in the information being deleted.
  • If you do not show up or late cancel a parent consultation you will be banned from our online scheduling system. To be unbanned and allowed to schedule you must contact the office to pay a $100 non-refundable ($200 weekend) retainer.
  • The person completing the parent consultation may not be the clinician your child(ren) see for counseling.
  • Again, the clinician that completes your parent consultation must consult with a supervisor before clearance is given to schedule your child(ren).

Lastly, please make sure that you select any of the CCG appointment types or the CCG Parent Consultation when scheduling. This applies to all who are affiliated with CCG such as children/students, parents, and CCG employees.


If you have any questions or concerns, contact us at 817-617-2638.

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